Mens: Simple, easy to use, free menstruation calendar software

About Mens

Mens is a collection of simple, easy to use menstruation calendars for a number of platforms. So far, there is JMensMobile for mobile devices like PDAs and cell phones that can run Java programs. JMensMobile is free and open source software, released under the GPL.

The current version of JMensMobile (version 1.1) shows

Entering a new period start date is straightforward.

A word of caution: JMensMobile is still in an early development stage and might or might not run on your device. Please check the list of supported devices. If you get JMensMobile to work on a device which isn't listed there, please leave a comment. JMensMobile has a few known bugs.
If you wish to speed up the development, please send encouraging emails to the author ;-) (see development section)


Main screen of JMensMobile (in the Java phone simulator)


You can download JMensMobile via the SourceForge download mechanism (please note that you can't just use "save as" on this link). The download contains two files, JMensMobile.jar and JMensMobile.jad. To run JMensMobile, you will have to install both files on your device. The exact installation procedure depends on your device; please see its usage manual for details.
Once JMensMobile is more stable, I'll provide an easier download option for WAP enabled devices.


The Mens project is run by Andrea Schweer. If you have any comments on this project, feel free to contact me. More information about Mens development is available on the SourceForge project page. Logo
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